Holiday Movie Night In

Sometime's you just wanna kick back and stay at home with a few close friends for a movie. We've partnered with Evite & Heineken to bring you a few tips on hosting an intimate night in during this holiday season.

First things first, SNACKS. I mean... who want's to do anything without snacks. Get your favorites together and set out in your movie watching area so guests can graze as they watch and chat. You can even put together "gift bags" full of individual snacks to add a festive touch.

We also like to keep our beer on ice in the party area, 1. it keeps your beer colder then a fridge and 2. you don't have to worry about missing "the good part" because your guests need a refill.

Of course we couldn't help but spruce things up a bit for the occasion! Adding a marquis movie sign and festive backdrops. Our guests always have a good time taking selfies, even more so with their dressed up Heinekens. 

And don't forget to pick up some festive Red & Green bottles of Heineken!